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Why am I a Realtor®? Good question. I guess, the answer is based on my own lived experiences over the years.
From a buyer’s perspective, I love being in my home. I love the feeling of my friends and family creating happy memories around celebrations or just while hanging out at my home. As someone who has lived in, worked in or traveled to over 45 countries, there is nothing like returning back to my home. Homeownership is a wonderful and deeply personal pleasure and responsibility and I want to help others achieve it too!
From the seller’s point of view, I appreciate the desire or need to move on sometimes. Whether for joyful reasons (job promotion, new additions to the family) or difficult ones (a loss, financial hardships), receiving the maximum return for your property is the least that you deserve. With a considerate approach to your unique situation, I will do everything that I can throughout the listing process to attain top value for your house.
And as for renters, I have been there too and am there for you as well. Searching for the ideal place with the most comfortable space, the best location and the right amenities can be daunting when facing the flood of information that comes at you from a simple “house, apartment rental” internet query. I have personally dealt with this inundation many times and often wished that I had a knowledgeable individual to help navigate these muddy waters to find a safe harbor. Let me be your navigator!
Sincerely, Patrick

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